You've made it to finals week 2014! Before you head out of town or get lost in relaxing, I wanted to remind you of a few things:

Be sure to lock up your home or apartment before leaving town. Secure doors and windows, leave some lights on or place them on a timer. Be sure that your mail, packages or newspapers aren't piling up. Put a stop on deliveries at the post office or have a friend check your mailbox.

Do not lower your thermostat below 60 degrees before heading out. Pipes can freeze and burst causing serious damage to your place. Unplug unnecessary electronics and appliances.

The City of East Lansing has a snow ordinance. Other cities and townships have their own rules regarding snow and ice removal. Avoid getting tickets and make sure you have a plan.

The Community Liaison's website and its links to social media have great tips and information for ALL off-campus Spartans:

Have a wonderful holiday break! Go Green! Go White!

Suchitra Webster
Community Liaison
Michigan State University