Before you sign a lease, look over it carefully, and consider having a lawyer look over it with you. There are a couple low or no-cost options for students who would like a lawyer to look at their lease before signing:

Both are easily accessible ASMSU is located in the Student Services Building, and the Housing Law Clinic is located on Abbot Road near Burcham Drive. If you choose not to use either, read the entire lease yourself.

The City’s Building and Code Enforcement Department provides additional information about rental licensing, and should be consulted if you believe a complaint should be filed against your property manager.

Some things that definitely should be included in your lease are:

  • Name and signature of the landlord and tenants
  • Rent amount to be paid, how frequently, and when and where it is to be paid
  • Landlord’s mailing address, and address of the rental property
  • Starting and ending dates if it is a fixed term tenancy
  • Amount of the security deposit, if any
  • Name and address of the financial institution holding the security deposit
  • Occupancy limit of the property
  • Notice of the tenant’s obligation to provide a forwarding address to the landlord within 4 days of terminating the tenancy
  • Who is responsible for paying utilities
  • Repair and maintenance responsibilities
  • Eviction procedures
  • Any other terms and conditions that the landlord and tenant agreed to; AND
  • This statement must be provided in a prominent place in the lease, in at least a 12 pt. font size

In the event you are ticketed from either the MSU Police or City of East Lansing Police, please see our Got a Ticket? webpage.