As a long-time resident of East Lansing, and a long-term MSU staffer, Sue is an ideal fit for MSU Community Liaison role, possessing a deep firsthand knowledge of the  “town & gown” intersections in our community. Suchitra works with Student Affairs & Services, the office of Governmental Affairs, and the city of East Lansing. Suchitra also earned her Bachelor’s degree and Masters Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Michigan State University.

So, what exactly is a community liaison? 

The Community Liaison serves all members of the community of East Lansing (including students) with respect to MSU-student related topics. The Community Liaison is not a student advocate, but a neutral party, an information broker. The Community Liaison seeks to bring parties together to increase open communication and foster effective interactions among community members, particularly between MSU students and key stakeholder groups within the city and the university. This bridge-building and resource activity will contribute positively toward the mission of maintaining and promoting a sense of connection between MSU students and permanent residents living in East Lansing and surrounding communities.

What does the community liaison do?

  • Students will feel like they are a valuable part of the East Lansing community and will become aware of opportunities to become involved in civic and community life.
  • East Lansing neighborhoods surrounding MSU are stable, undivided, and vibrant with productive activity.
  • The community of East Lansing, and City Hall staff, will feel connected to and a part of the university and the events occurring on campus.
  • MSU enhances its institutional reputation as a quality higher education institution where students engage in productive, civil behaviors on and off campus.

Suchitra spends her time in a variety of venues on-campus, at City Hall or out in the community.She welcomes any/all students, residents and others to contact her with questions, concerns, suggestions and feedback about the MSU-East Lansing community.

Please feel free to contact Suchitra in any of the ways below:

Phone: 517-432-7527


Office: 169 Student Services Building

Web: and