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Litter is a community issue and from that perspective our hope is to change the way people think about their responsibilities as neighbors. Litter is not just a nuisance, but should be considered as pollution that can have a long-term negative impact on the environment. Students and non-student residents deserve to live in clean neighborhoods with safe pedestrian passage.

Three easy steps to avoid a litter citation:

  • Plan trash and recycling options for your gathering
  • Clean up immediately after your gathering
  • Pay attention to reminders from your landlord to clean up

Party Litter


After a bash, pick up your trash! A new, revised party litter ordinance allows Parking & Code Enforcement (PACE) officers to issue a ticket without issuing a prior warning if it is clear the litter was from the occupants/guests of the property and the offense is deemed serious.

A tiered fine system for multiple party litter offenses on a property allows PACE officers to fine $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense, $200 for a third offense and $400 for a fourth offense.

Warnings will still be issued for minor offenses, while the no-warning ticket will be reserved for addressing egregious offenses, as well as properties where repeated offenses occur. To avoid a ticket for litter, simply clean up trash on your property after a party.

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