Lawn Care

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Contribute to the East Lansing community by keeping your lawn neat and trimmed. Grass and weeds can be no higher than six inches. Please keep trees and shrubs trimmed so sidewalks and street corners are not physically or visually obstructed. If your yard is growing out of control, you may receive a violation notice and a ticket. Remember,vehicles may not be parked so they overlap the lawn. For more information related to lawn care, please see theCity of East Lansing’s Yard Waste Collection webpage. Disposal information is outlined and Fall Bulk Leaf Collection. information is available.


Outdoor Furniture

The City of East Lansing restricts all non-outdoor furniture in outdoor spaces, including any open porch, balcony, patio, or lawn. This includes furniture and lawn games that are visible to neighbors. If you are found in violation, you will receive a warning giving you two to three days to remove the furniture. If the furniture is not removed, a ticket can be issued to carrying up to a $1,000 fine.


East Lansing passed a new ordinance dealing with pools in spring 2014. Please read carefully over this new law in order to avoid costly fines and penalties. “No pool, swimming pool, hot tub, or spa of any depth, permanent or temporary, shall be placed in the front yard or any one-family, two-family, or multiple-family dwelling….No pool, swimming pool, hot tub or spa of any depth, permanent or temporary shall be placed in the side yard of any one-family, two-family or multiple-family dwelling unless the side yard is enclosed.” 



Snow and Ice

East Lansing is a pedestrian town, so keeping the sidewalks clear is important for safety. Check your lease to see if you are responsible for shoveling. As a general rule, snowfall that occurs before noon must be cleared by midnight of the same day. Snow falling after noon must be cleared by midnight the following day.