Let There Be Lights…


Most of the time, when you live in an apartment you pay your landlord to take care of things like utilities, and when you live in a house you are responsible for setting up utilities and payments yourself. Some utilities are typically the renter’s responsibility either way, like cable and internet service. Make your utility arrangements in advance so you’ll be all set when you move-in.

Visit the Moving In Section of the City of East Lansing’s website for a list of utility providers in the local area. The utilities covered include:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water/Sewer
  • Telephone
  • Cable or Satellite TV
  • Refuse, Yard Waste and Recycling Collection
  • Internet

As you make decisions about utilities:

  • Consult your roommates about payments, responsibilities and schedules
  • Ask utility companies about startup deals and discounts for new student customers
  • Start-up fees are associated with most utilities