Did you know that the city of East Lansing has conveniently summarized some the most important city ordinances that all MSU students should know? This list covers everything from trash pickup protocol to party noise guidelines. It even details the new “pool ordinance” that took effect this spring.

Please read over some of the new ordinance below, and familiarize yourself with all city ordinances in order to avoid tickets and be good neighbors.

Pools in the Front Yard

East Lansing passed a new ordinance dealing with pools in spring 2014. Please read carefully over this new law in order to avoid costly fines and penalties. “No pool, swimming pool, hot tub, or spa of any depth, permanent or temporary, shall be placed in the front yard or any one-family, two-family, or multiple-family dwelling….No pool, swimming pool, hot tub or spa of any depth, permanent or temporary shall be placed in the side yard of any one-family, two-family or multiple-family dwelling unless the side yard is enclosed.”


Snow & Ice

East Lansing is a pedestrian town, so keeping the sidewalks clear is important for safety. Check your lease to see if you are responsible for shoveling. As of last year, snowfall that occurs before noon must be cleared by midnight of the same day. Snow falling after noon must be cleared by midnight the following day. If you do not clear your sidewalk in a timely fashion, you could receive a ticket and/or a fine.