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In the event you find yourself involved in a situation that seems unsolvable or difficult to navigate, seek legal assistance.

There are a number of ways to seek legal assistance, all of which are designed to help lower income and less experienced people find fair solutions to their problems.

The list below outlines several options, some of which may fit your needs than others. Please click on options that you feel may work for you and you will receive further explanation and direction to that particular resource.

  1. Mediation: an alternative resolution method that is inexpensive and has proven to be effective
  2. ASMSU & COGS Legal Services: Specifically for MSU students who need legal counsel. (Note: ASMSU service list is in alphabetical order – please scroll down for Student Legal Services)
  3. MSU Judicial Affairs: For MSU community members on campus with any issues violating the student handbook.
  4. MSU College of Law Legal Clinics: For MSU Community members seeking help in a variety of areas (taxpayer law clinic, housing law clinic, immigration law clinic, etc.)

If you’ve received a ticket, please see the Got a Ticket? page for payment and contact details.

For Housing issues, see the Housing Legal Resources section.