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Got A Ticket? Now Get Some Help.

If you get a ticket from the MSU or East Lansing Police Department(s), you will need to pay or answer to the ticket at the 54-B District Court (101 Linden St.) in East Lansing.

Civil Infraction
54-B District Court Traffic Division  (517) 351 4568

  • Respond within 4-10 days. Pay the ticket, admit responsibility with a written explanation OR deny responsibility. If you deny the ticket, you’ll be scheduled for an informal hearing.

54-B District Court  Criminal Division  (517) 336 8630

  • Appear in court to be arraigned within 4-10 days. You’ll plead guilty or not guilty in front of a judge. If you plead not guilty, you’ll be scheduled for a pre-trial to discuss your case.

Parking Tickets
54-B District Court Parking Division  (517) 351 7022

  • Parking tickets must be paid within 14 days. Fines increase by $25 after 14 days. Vehicles that receive 6 or more unpaid tickets are subject to vehicle impoundment, and/or an arrest warrant may be issued for the vehicle owner.

Legal Assistance
ASMSU/COGS Legal Services  (517) 353 3716
MSU Rental Housing Clinic  (517) 336 8088

  • MSU students are eligible for free legal representation from ASMSU. If you have a rental property issue, contact the MSU Rental Housing Clinic.