Housing Resources

MSU's Community Liaison provides a variety of housing resources for students who are considering moving off-campus and living in the local community. Click below for a number of resources and tips, including an off-campus housing listing service, local moving resources, legal assistance, housing fair details, etc. 

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The Spartan Guide 

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

You’ve just found Michigan State University’s resource for students looking to make the most of their Spartan experience. The guide provides a number of resources and tips: everything from finding off-campus housing to learning about local laws in order to be great Spartan neighbors while living in the local community.

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Party Guidelines 

If and when you choose to host a party, MSU and the City of East Lansing ask that you do so responsibly, look out for your fellow Spartans, and be familiar with resources, which include: MSU Olin Health Center’s Party Smart Guide, Guidelines for Hosting a Party in East Lansing, MSU Duck Campaign & Social Norms on facebook

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